Umbrella-projects of the Mollusca Section

Umbrella-projects of the Mollusca Section

Sektion Mollusca - Forschung

Revision of Indo-Pacific chitons

Enrico Schwabe

Squamopleura araucariana

Fig. 1. The polyplacophoran species Squamopleura araucariana (Carpenter in Pilsbry, 1893) (CASIZ 076480) from New Caledonia.
A. dorsal view of the left half of the second valve. B. detail of the dorsal perinotum scales, in situ. C. anterior portion of radula. D.central and lateral teeth of radula, on the left side also the heads of the uncinal teeth are visible. (images Enrico Schwabe)

Study of parasitic gastropods associated with Echinodermata

Andreas Altnöder, Jens M. Bohn, Dr. Martin Heß, Enrico Schwabe

Entocolax schiemenzii

Fig. 2. The parasitic entoconchid gastropod Entocolax schiemenzii Voigt, 1901 (ZSM Mol 20051307) from Caleta Gonzalo, Los Lagos, Chile. A. Four juvenile specimens in their natural position on the host: the apodid holothurian Chiridota pisanii Ludwig, 1886 (arrows). B-D. Larval shell in different views. a – aperture; n – needle (to fix specimen on stub); s – suture; sd – shell diameter; sp – spire. (images Enrico Schwabe)

Atlas of Antarctic Molluscs

Dr. Winfried Engl, Dr. Michael Schrödl, Enrico Schwabe

Deep water gastropods from the Antarctica

Fig. 3. Deep water gastropods from the Antarctica, both from the Molluscs collection of the ZSM. Left. Oenopota sp. nov. Right. Trophon sp. nov. (images Enrico Schwabe)