Typen der von Gerd Heinrich beschriebenen Ichneumoniden

Typen der von Gerd Heinrich beschriebenen Ichneumoniden

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Gerd H. Heinrich

Gerd Herrmann Heinrich was one of the world’s leading authorities on the subfamily Ichneumoninae. He described about 1,500 species and subspecies of Ichneumonidae. He lived and worked in Germany, Poland, and finally in the United States of America.

Heinrich conducted a series of expeditions to collect mammals, birds and especially ichneumonid wasps. His field trips lead him to many countries in different parts of the world, including Iran, Indonesia (Sulawesi and Molucca Islands), southeastern Europe (Balkan and Rhodope Mountains), Myanmar, Mexico, Canada, West, East, and South Africa.

A large part of the Heinrich collection is now deposited in the Zoologische Staatssammlung in Munich, Germany. The collection is one of the most important collections of Ichneumonidae, in particular regarding the subfamily Ichneumoninae. with about 23,000 thoroughly mounted and accurately labelled specimens.

Project aims

  • Creating a web-served database providing detailed information on deposited in the ZSM primary types of Ichneumonidae described by G.H. Heinrich.
  • Producing digital images of all primary type labels.
  • Establishing a database of corresponding literature references.
  • Making the taxonomic data universally available by linking to GBIF International via the SysTax database system at the University of Ulm.

The database of primary types of the Heinrich ichneumonid collection includes the following information:

  • Type number, sex, type status, and condition of type
  • Original type information based on the original description
  • Current type information
  • Photographic documentation of all specimen labels
  • Literature references

The project was, as part of the GBIF-D initiative, supported by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF).


Schmidt O, Schmidt S (2011) Primary types of Ichneumoninae described by Gerd H. Heinrich deposited in the Zoologische Staatssammlung München. Spixiana 34: 59–107. PDF


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