Coll. Herbulot (Geometridae)

Coll. Herbulot (Geometridae)

Section Lepidoptera - Collections

Claude Herbulot

Claude Herbulot lecturing at the Symposium “The role of Biogeography in understanding Evolution in Lepidoptera” (ZSM, 15 June 1999).

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Photograph: Manfred Sommerer

Callhistia grandis

Callhistia grandis DRUCE in Coll. Herbulot. Foto: Ulf Buchsbaum


Drawer with specimens of the genus Milionia.

Axel Hausmann und Claude Herbulot

Claude Herbulot and Dr. Axel Hausmann in C. Herbulot’s collection room in Paris, 22. Feb. 2000 (photograph: Ulf Buchsbaum)

Verpacken der Herbulot-Sammlung

Packing of the collection in in Paris prior to the transport to Munich (photograph: Ulf Buchsbaum).

Igor Kostijuk

Igor Kostijuk from Kiev working in with the Herbulot collection in the ZSM (photograph: Ulf Buchsbaum).