Checklist of German Signiphoridae (Chalcidoidea)

Checklist of German Signiphoridae (Chalcidoidea)

Section Hymenoptera - Collections

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Chartocerus subaeneus (Förster, 1878)
Plastocharis subaenea Förster, 1878:69. Lectotype male, designated by RosenArWo992:246, deposited in Zoological Museum, Humboldt University, Berlin

Thysanus subaeneus; Dalla Torre, K.W. von, 1898: 223. New combination for Plastocharis subaenea Förster.

Signiphorina mala Nikol’skaya, 1950:320,321, Figs. Type status unknown

Chartocerus subaeneus; Rozanov, I.V., 1965: 878. New combination for Plastocharis subaenea Förster.

Chartocerus subaeneus; Woolley, J.B., 1988: 492. Valid species.

Chartocerus subaenus; Hansson, C., 1991: 57. Misspelling of species group name.

Chartocerus subaeneus; Koponen, M.; Askew, R.R., 2002: 134. Compared with Chartocerus conjugalis (Mercet).

Signiphorina mala; Nowitzky, S., 1954: 207. Synonym of Signiphorina subaenea (Förster).

Signiphorina subaenea; Nowitzky, S., 1954: 207. New combination for Plastocharis subaenea Förster.

Thysanus ater Walker, 1840
Plastocharis ater; Förster, A., 1878: 68. New combination for Thysanus ater Walker.

Thysanus ater; Woolley, J.B., 1988: 492-493. Valid species.

Thysanus ater Walker, 1840:234. Type status unknown