Checklist of German Mymarommatidae (Chalcidoidea)

Checklist of German Mymarommatidae (Chalcidoidea)

Section Hymenoptera - Collections

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Mymaromma anomalum (Blood & Kryger, 1922)
Petiolaria anomala; Viggiani, G.; Jesu, R., 1988: 1024. Synonym of Palaeomymar duisbergi (Stein).

Mymaromma anomalum; Gibson, G.A.P.; Read, J.; Huber, J.T., 2007: 54,99. Revived combination for Petiolaria anomala Blood & Kryger.

Petiolaria anomala Blood & Kryger, 1922:229, Fig. Holotype male, deposited in The Natural History Museum, London SW7 5BD, England