Checklist of German Eucharitidae (Chalcidoidea)

Checklist of German Eucharitidae (Chalcidoidea)

Section Hymenoptera - Collections

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Eucharis adscendens (Fabricius, 1787)
Eucharis kollari Förster, 1859:91. Syntypes male, deposited in Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria

Eucharis kollari; Ruschka, F., 1924: 84. Synonym of Eucharis adscendens (Fabricius).

Eucharis ascendens; Erdös, J., 1955: 32,33. Misspelling of species group name.

Eucharis adscendens; Ferrière, C.; Kerrich, G.J., 1958: 35. Valid species.

Eucharis adscendens; Panzer, G.W.F., 1806: 96. Valid species.

Chalcis adscendens; Jurine, L., 1807: 315. New combination for Cynips adscendens Fabricius.

Eucharis adscendens; Klug, F., 1807: 76. Valid species.

Cynips adscendens Fabricius, 1787:251-252. Syntypes, deposited in Zoologiske Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark

Cynips adscendens; Olivier, A.G., 1791: 780. Valid species.

Cynips adscendens; Fabricius, J.C., 1793: 100. Valid species.

Eucharis adscendens; Latreille, P.A., 1805: 210. Valid species.

Eucharis adscendens; Latreille, P.A., 1809: 20-21. Valid species.

Eucharis adscendens; Latreille, P.A., 1810: 436. Valid species.

Stilbula cyniformis (Rossi, 1792)
Stilbula cynipiformis Kirby, 1886:31.. Unjustified emendation.

Schizaspidia tenuicornis Ashmead, 1904:151. Syntypes female, deposited in United States Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C., USA

Schizaspidia nekkensis; Watanabe, C., 1950: 61. Synonym of Stilbula tenuicornis (Ashmead).

Stibula cynipiformis; Botoc, M., 1968: 97. Misspelling of genus and species names of Stilbula cyniformis (Rossi).

Schizaspidia nekkensis; Heraty, J.M., 2002: 252. Synonym of Stilbula cyniformis tenuicornis (Ashmead).

Stilbula (cyniformis) cyniformis; Heraty, J.M., 2002: 249. Subspecies   .

Stilbula cyniformis tenuicornis; Heraty, J.M., 2002: 249,252. Subspecies   .

Eucharis cyniformis; Latreille, P.A., 1809: 21. New combination for Ichneumon cyniformis Rossi.

Stilbula cyniformis; Spinola, M., 1811: 150. New combination for Ichneumon cyniformis Rossi.

Ichneumon cyniformis; Rossi, P., 1794: T. vi, F.G. Valid species.

Stilbula tenuicornis; Gahan, A.B., 1940: 434. New combination for Schizaspidia tenuicornis Ashmead.

Ichneumon cyniformis Rossi, 1792:125. Type status unknown, deposited in Mus‚um National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France

Schizaspidia nekkensis Ishii, 1938:5, Art. 59, 1 Fig. Holotype female