Section Insecta varia

Ephemeroptera, Odonata, Plecoptera, Trichoptera, Megaloptera

additionally the following insect groups are curated: Dermaptera, Embioptera, Blattodea, Isoptera, Mecoptera, Siphonaptera, Planipennia, Raphidioptera, Apterygota –

fleaThe collection currently comprises several million specimens, but some of them have not been worked up scince this time. Although only about 7000 species (until 2013) have been curated, in some groups there are representatives of 20% of all known species.

The collection is partly composed of dry, prepared specimens (Odonata mostly individually stored in paper bags), ethanol preserved specimens and microscopic slices. Type material is preserved in a separate location and catalogued in a card file system.

The section contains the following collections:

  • Ephemeroptera: I. Müller-Liebenau (in particular Baetidae)
  • Odonata: A. Bilek (partim), G.v.Rosen (world wide), R. Seidenbusch (Palaearctics), W. Forster (Bolivien), S. Lorenzoni (South America, South Africa)
  • Trichoptera: K. Kusdas (Palaearctics), H. Burmeister (Palaearctics, Neotropis), F. Klima (Palaearctics)
  • Planipennia: K. Kusdas (mainly Palaearctics), P. Ohm (mainly Ethiopian Region)
  • Blattaria: H. Bohn (Palaearctics)
  • Siphonaptera: M. Kiefer, D. Cyprich, B. Rosicky (all Palaearctics)
  • Insecta varia (all groups): H. + E.-G. Burmeister