Section Coleoptera

Staff collecting efforts

Martin Baehr: Repeated sampling of Carabidae – also of other beetle families – in almost all parts of Australia. The Carabidae are mostly identified.

Max Kühbandner: Repeated sampling of Cetoniinae in Cameroon.

Alexander Riedel (former PhD student): Repeated sampling of Curculionidae, also of other families, in New Guinea.

Expeditions of the Zoologische Staatssammlung to Nepal 1962/63, 1964, 1967, 1973 (Dr. Forster, Dr. W. Dierl, W. Schacht, H. Lehmann).

Expeditions of Dr. W. Forster to Bolivia during the fifthies of the last century.

Important acquisitions

(*=still with the former owner)

1810 v. Moll: Beetles from Germany and Austria (no longer identifiable).

1827 Scientific work (by Dr. M. Perty) of the extensive collections of J. B. von Spix and K. F .P. Martius during their voyage to Brazil (1817-1820), which formed the basis of the coleoptera collection.

1852 Dr. J. R. Roth (beetles from Palestine and Greece).

1858 Dr. J. R. Roth (beetles from Arabia and Palestine).

1858 Collection Herzog Maximilian von Leuchtenberg (mainly from Brazil).

1874 Collection Dr. J. Sturm.

before 1877 W. G. Rosenhauer (mainly Curculionidae).

1877 Collection Dr. J. Gistl (partly no longer identifiable).

1905 Collection A. Öttel (incl. collection v. Harold).

1905 Collection C. Müller (incl. collection E. A. H. von Kiesenwetter and parts of the collection of Dr. G. J. Haag-Rutenberg).

1918 Collection Dr. G. von Seidlitz.

1922 Collection A. Kriechbaumer (no longer identifiable).

1926 Collection Prinzessin Therese von Bayern.

1929 Collection J. N. Ertl.

1930 Collection Dr. K. Daniel (Palaearctic region).

1934 Collection Dr. J. Daniel (Palaearctic region).

1936 Collection A. Zimmermann (water beetles).

1939 Parts of the Collection A. Schuster (Tenebrionidae).

1951 Collection O. Bühlmann (Bavaria).

1954 Collection F. Rieger (southern Bavaria).

1958 Collection F. von Poschinger (Bavaria, Russia).

1958 Collection L. Haberäcker (Lucanidae, Dynastinae)

1959 Collection H. Schein (Cetoniinae).

1960 Collection M. von Pfaundler (Palaearctic region).

1962 Collection F. Stöcklein (Palearctic region).

1963 Collection Dr. A. Horion (Central Europe).

1964 Dr. S. v. Breuning (Laos).

1965 Collection H. Reisinger (Palaearctic Region).

1972 Collection O. Müller (Central Europe).

1975 Parts of the Collection Dr. J. Machatschke (Chrysomelidae, Scarabaeidae).

1979 Collection R. Zischka (Bolivia).

1980 L. Pena (South American Tenebrionidae).

1980 Collection Dr. K.-H. Hüdepohl (Neotropical and Palaearctic Regions, excl. Cerambycidae).

1983 Collection Dr. S. von Zimmermann.

1985 Collection Dr. M. Seghers (Africa)

1989 Collection G. Necker (Bavaria).

1990 Collection Dr. Dr. K. Wellschmied (Elateridae).

1990 Collection P. Darge (Lucanidae).

1991 Collection Dr. F. Kühlhorn (Central Europe).

1991 Collection W. Rössler (Baden, southeastern Germany).

1992* Collection Dr. W. Steinhausen (Chrysomelidae, incl. collection of larvae).

1994 Prof. N. Lopatin (Palearctic and Oriental Chrysomelidae).

1994 Collection Weth (central Franconia).

1995* Collection Prof. Dr. H. Fürsch (Coccinellidae).

1995* Collection P. Brandl (Palearctic Buprestidae).

1995 Collection Prof. B. Gruev (Palaearctic and Oriental Chrysomelidae).

1996* Collection M. and R. Kühbandner (Cetoniinae).

1996* Collection G. Rößler (Central and Southern Europe).

1997 Collection Dr. K. Schmidt (Palaearctic region, esp. Cerambycidae).

1997 Collection Dr. M. Tedeschi (Palaearctic Carabidae).

1997 Collection Dr. C. Lindemann (mainly South American Chrysomelidae).

1997 Collection Dr. M. Kraus (Bavaria).

1997 H. Lehmann, S. Steinke (Oriental Scarabaeidae and Cerambycidae).

1998* Collection Dr. H. Freude (Carabidae, Tenebrionidae, Monommidae).

1998 Collection S. Wellschmied (remaining part of the collection Dr. K. Wellschmied, excl. Elateridae).

1999* Collection Dr. F. Kleinfeld (Palearctic Carabidae and Cicindelidae).

2000 Collection F. Wihr (Bavaria).

2001 Collection Prof. Dr. H.-J. Bremer (Tenebrionidae).

2001 Collection Dr. K.W. Hüdepohl (Cerambycidae).

2001 Collection I. Wolf (Carabus, Curculionidae).

2001 Collection H. Bußler (xylobiont beetles of Bavaria).

2003 Collection H. Mühle (Buprestidae).

2003 Hand Collection of W. G. Rosenhauer (historical collection, mostly collected before 1858).

2004 Collection of larvae of Prof. Dr. E. Arndt (mainly Carabidae).

2005 Collection of L. Rezbanyi-Reser (Cerambycidae from Jamaica)

2006 Collection of K. Spornraft (Nitidulidae)

2006 Collection of E. Barchet-Beierl (Cerambycidae)

2008 K. Witzgall (Central Europe)

2008 K. Werner (Cicindelidae)

2009 H. Daffner (cave beetles, Central Europe)

2010 H. Fery, Berlin (Scarabaeidae)
2011 R. Frieser, Feldafing (Anthribidae)
2011 N. Reintjes, Wentorf (Afr. Dytiscidae)
2011 I. Wolf (Carabidae, varia)
2012 H. Winkelmann, Berlin (Carabidae)
2012 J. Schmidt (Carabidae)
2012 Gebauer (Pal. Coleoptera)
2013 Kloster Ottilien (Coleoptera inkl. Afrotropis)
2013 P. Dynort (Pal. Coleoptera)
2013 P. Darge, Clenay (Carabidae)
2013 Weinhold, Berlin (Pal. Coleoptera)