Oliver Hawlitschek


Publications in international scientific journals (indexed in Web of Science)

29 publications (15 of them as first author, 2 as senior author) + 4 submitted

Hawlitschek O., Fernández González A., Castresana J.: A pipeline for metabarcoding and diet analysis from fecal samples developed for a small semi-aquatic mammal. Molecular Ecology Resources (submitted).

– Prötzel D., Vences M., Hawlitschek O., Scherz M.D., Ratsoavina F.M., Glaw F.: Micro-CT osteology, molecular genetics and external morphology reveal three new species of chameleons in the Calumma boettgeri complex (Squamata: Chamaeleonidae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society (submitted).

– Rakotoarison A., Scherz M.D., Glaw F., Köhler J., Andreone F., Franzen M., Glos J., Hawlitschek O., Jono T., Mori A., Ndriantsoa S.H., Rasoamampionona N.R., Riemann J.C., Rödel M.O., Rosa G.M., Vieites D.R., Crottini A., Vences M.: Describing the smaller majority: Integrative taxonomy reveals twenty-six new species of tiny microhylid frogs (genus Stumpffia) from Madagascar. Vertebrate Zoology (under revision).

– Augros S., Scherz M.D., Wang-Claypool C.W., Montfort L., Glaw F., Hawlitschek O.: Comparative perch heights and habitat plant usage of day geckos (Phelsuma) in the Comoros archipelago (Squamata: Gekkonidae). Salamandra (in press).

Hawlitschek O., Brückmann B., Glaw F. (2017): Causal or spurious relationship? Climate and the distribution of Phelsuma geckos on Grand Comoro Island. African Journal of Ecology (early view).

Hawlitschek O., Morinière J., Lehmann G.U.C., Lehmann A.W., Kropf M., Dunz A., Glaw F., Detcharoen M., Schmidt S., Hausmann A., Szucsich N.U., Caetano-Wyler S.A., Haszprunar G. (2017): DNA barcoding of crickets and grasshoppers (Orthoptera) from Central Europe with focus on Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Molecular Ecology Resources (early view).

– Augros S., Fabulet P.Y., Hawlitschek O.: Observations of Phelsuma nigristriata (Meier 1984), endemic to the department of Mayotte (976), in anthropogenic areas. Bulletin de la Société hérpétologique de France 162, 113-116.

– Augros S., Fabulet P.Y., Hawlitschek O.: First report of the co-existence of the three endemic Phelsuma species of Mayotte Island (Indian Ocean) in anthropogenic habitats. Herpetological Bulletin 140, 20-22.

Hawlitschek O., Ramírez Garrido S., Glaw F. (2016): Many early sailors in the sea: How marine currents influenced the widespread natural oversea dispersal of reptiles in the Western Indian Ocean region. Journal of Biogeography 44, 1435-1440.

Hawlitschek O., Toussaint E.F.A.T., Crottini A., Gehring P.S., Ratsoavina F.M., Cole N., Nopper J., Lam A.W., Vences M., Glaw F. (2016): Gecko phylogeography in the Western Indian Ocean region: The oldest clade of Ebenavia inunguis lives on the youngest island. Journal of Biogeography 44, 409-420.

– Scherz M., Hawlitschek O., Andreone F., Rakotoarison A., Vences M., Glaw F. (2017): A review of the taxonomy and osteology of the Rhombophryne serratopalpebrosa species group (Anura: Microhylidae) from Madagascar, with comments on the value of volume rendering of micro-CT data to taxonomists. Zootaxa 4273, 301-340.

– Vences M., Köhler J., Pabijan M., Bletz M., Gehring P.S., Hawlitschek O., Rakotoarison A., Ratsoavina F.M., Andreone F., Crottini A., Glaw F. (2017): Taxonomy  and geographic distribution of Malagasy frogs of the Gephyromantis asper clade, with description of a new subgenus and revalidation of Gephyromantis ceratophrys. Salamandra 53, 77-98.

Hawlitschek O., Wang-Claypool C., Scherz M.D., Montfort L., Soumille O., Glaw F. (2016): New size record of the snake genus Liophidium (Squamata, Lamprophiidae) by the island endemic L. mayottensis. Spixiana 39, 287-288.

Hawlitschek O., Scherz M.D., Straube N., Glaw F. (2016): Resurrection of the Comoran fish scale gecko Geckolepis humbloti Vaillant, 1887 reveals a disjunct distribution caused by natural overseas dispersal. Organisms Diversity and Evolution 16, 289-298.

Hawlitschek O., Morinière J., Dunz A., Franzen M., Rödder D., Glaw F., Haszprunar G. (2016): Comprehensive DNA barcoding of the herpetofauna of Germany. Molecular Ecology Resources 16, 242-253.

– Morinière J., van Dam M., Hawlitschek O., Bergsten J., Michat M., Hendrich L., Ribera I., Toussaint E.F.A.T., Balke M. (2016): Triggers of an inversed latitudinal diversity gradient – An Old World tropical twist in freshwater arthropods. Nature Scientific Reports 6, 26340.

– Scherz M.D., Rakotoarison A., Hawlitschek O., Vences M., Glaw F. (2015): Leaping towards a saltatorial lifestyle? An unusually long-legged new species of Rhombophryne (Anura, Microhylidae) from the Sorata massif in northern Madagascar. Zoosystematics and Evolution 91, 105-114.

– Toussaint E.F.A., Condamine F.L., Hawlitschek O., Watts C.H., Porch N., Hendrich L., Balke M. (2015): Unveiling the diversification dynamics of Australasian predaceous diving beetles in the Cenozoic. Systematic Biology 64, 3-24.

– Glaw F., Kucharzewski C., Nagy Z.T., Hawlitschek O., Vences M. (2014): New insights into the systematics and molecular phylogeny of the Malagasy snake genus Liopholidophis suggest at least one rapid reversal of extreme sexual dimorphism in tail length. Organisms Diversity and Evolution 14, 121-132.

Hawlitschek O., Verneau N., Charpentier M., Decalf G., Glaw F. (2014): New distribution records of the gecko Paroedura stellata Hawlitschek & Glaw, 2012, endemic to Mayotte Island. Spixiana 37, 60.

– Glaw F., Hawlitschek O., Ruthensteiner B. (2013): A new genus name for an ancient Malagasy chameleon clade and a PDF-embedded 3D model of its skeleton. Salamandra 49, 237-238.

Hawlitschek O., Glaw F. (2013): The complex colonization history of nocturnal geckos (Paroedura) on the Comoros Archipelago. Zoologica Scripta 42, 135-150.

Hawlitschek O., Nagy Z.T., Berger J., Glaw F. (2013): DNA Barcoding allows reliable identification of island populations of Comoran squamate reptiles. PLOS ONE 8(9): e73368. 9 pp.

– Mayer, M., Hawlitschek O., Zahn A., Glaw F. (2013): Composition of twenty green frog populations (Pelophylax) across Bavaria, Germany. Salamandra 49, 31-44.

– Wegener J.E., Swoboda S., Hawlitschek O., Franzen M., Wallach V., Vences M., Nagy Z.T., Hedges S.B., Köhler J., Glaw F. (2013):  Morphological variation and taxonomic reassessment of the endemic Malagasy blind snake family Xenotyphlopidae (Serpentes, Scolecophidia). Spixiana 36: 269-282.

Hawlitschek O., Hendrich L., Balke M. (2012): Molecular phylogeny of the squeak beetles, a family with disjunct Palearctic-Australian range. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 62, 550-554.

Hawlitschek O., Hendrich L., Espeland M., Toussaint E.F.A., Genner M.J., Balke M. (2012): Pleistocene climate change promoted rapid diversification of aquatic invertebrates in Southeast Australia. BMC Evolutionary Biology 12, 142. 16 pp.

Hawlitschek O., Nagy Z.T., Glaw F. (2012): Island evolution and systematic revision of Comoran snakes: why and when subspecies still make sense. PLOS ONE 7(8): e42970. 19 pp.

Hawlitschek O., Brückmann B., Berger J., Green K., Glaw F. (2011): Integrating field surveys and remote sensing data to study distribution, habitat use and conservation status of the herpetofauna of the Comoro Islands. Zookeys 144: 21-79.

Hawlitschek O., Porch N., Hendrich L., Balke M. (2011): Ecological niche modelling and nDNA sequencing support a new, morphologically cryptic beetle species unveiled by DNA barcoding. PLOS ONE 6: e16662. 14 pp.

– Hájek J., Hendrich L., Hawlitschek O., Balke M. (2010): Copelatus sibelaemontis sp. nov. (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) from the Moluccas with generic assignment based on morphology and DNA sequence data. Acta Entomologica Musei Naturae Pragae 50: 437-443.

– Rödder D., Hawlitschek O., Glaw F. (2010): Environmental niche plasticity of the endemic gecko Phelsuma parkeri Loveridge, 1941 from Pemba Island, Tanzania: a case study of extinction risk on flat islands by climate change. Tropical Zoology 23: 35-49.

– Hendrich L., Hawlitschek O., Balke M. (2009): The epigean Australasian species of Neobidessodes gen.n. diving beetles – a revision integrating morphology, cybertaxonomy, DNA taxonomy and phylogeny (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae, Bidessini). Zootaxa 2288: 1-41.


Publications in regional scientific journals (not indexed in Web of Science)

6 publications (2 of them as first author) + 1 submitted

Hawlitschek O., Lehmann G.U.C., Lehmann A.W., Schmidt S., Glaw F., Morinière J.: DNA-Barcoding der Heuschrecken Mitteleuropas: Erfolge, Möglichkeiten, und Grenzen. [DNA barcoding of Central European Orthoptera: successes, opportunities, and limits.] Articulata (in press).

– Franzen M., Hawlitschek O., Aßmann O., Bayerl M. (2016): Würfelnatternfunde (Natrix tessellata) aus Bayern mit molekulargenetischer Untersuchung zur Herkunft der Tiere. [Dice snake records (Natrix tessellata) from Bavaria with a molecular genetic study on their origin.] Zeitschrift für Feldherpetologie 23, 213–220.

Hawlitschek O., Franzen M., Glaw F. (2016): DNA-Barcoding der Amphibien und Reptilien Deutschlands. [DNA barcoding of the amphibians and reptiles of Germany.] Zeitschrift für Feldherpetologie 23, 141–158.

Hawlitschek O., Yamamoto K.C., Carvalho-Neto, F.G.M.R. (2014): Diet composition of fish assemblages of Lago Tupé, Amazonas, Brasil. Revista Colombiana de Ciencia Animal 5, 313-326.

– Rivera X., Fernández-Guiberteau D., Hawlitschek O. (2016): Nou cas de Triturus marmoratus amb coloració anòmala i una nova localització de Pelophylax kl. grafi al Moianès. [A new observation of abnormal coloration in Triturus marmoratus, and a new locality record of Pelophylax kl. grafi at Moianès.] Herpetofull 12, 26-31.

– Hendrich L., Hawlitschek O., Toussaint E.A.F., Tänzler R., Balke M. (2014): Wiederfund des Schwimmkäfers Graphoderus austriacus (Sturm, 1834) in Bayern sowie weitere aktuelle Vorkommen von Graphoderus bilineatus (De Geer, 1774) im Gebiet des Starnberger Sees (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae, Noteridae, Hydrophilidae & Hydraenidae) [Rediscovery of the diving beetle Graphoderus austriacus (Sturm, 1834) in Bavaria and further extant populations of Graphoderus bilineatus (DeGeer, 1774) in the Lake Starnberg area]. Nachrichtenblatt der bayerischen Entomologen 63, 19-28.

– Hendrich L., Faille A., Hawlitschek O., Tänzler R. (2011): Wiederfund des Schwimmkäfers Graphoderus bilineatus (DeGeer, 1774) nach über 25 Jahren in Bayern (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae) [Rediscovery of the diving beetle Graphoderus bilineatus (DeGeer, 1774) after more than 25 years in Bavaria]. Nachrichtenblatt der bayerischen Entomologen 60: 59-65.


Chapters in scientific books

Hawlitschek O.: Islands of the Western Indian Ocean Region. In: Rödel M.O. (ed.): Conservation of African amphibians. Chimaira, Frankfurt a.M. (accepted).