Julia Wildfeuer


Von Dipl.-Biol. Julia Wildfeuer

1) Wildfeuer, J. & A. Hausmann (2016): Museomics and μCT: The use of non-destructive tools for integrative taxonomy of insects, exemplified with the revision of the genus Prasinocyma (Lepidoptera, Geometridae). Abstracts of the 109th Annual Meeting of the German Zoological Society (DZG, 14–17 September 2016), University of Kiel: 147.

2) Hausmann, A. & J. Wildfeuer (2017): Nine new emerald species for the fauna of Yemen, with description of two new taxa in the genus Prasinocyma. – Spixiana 40 (2): 171-180.

3) Hausmann, A. & J. Wildfeuer (2017): Minimalinvasive Micro-CT Technologie und DNA Barcodes aus altem Museumsmaterial ermöglichen komplexe XXL-Revisionen (Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Geometrinae, Prasinocyma). – Abstracts, Entomology Congress DGaaE 2017: 62.