Section Mollusca

The founder of the molluscan collection (as of other collections of the ZSM) was Johann Baptist von Spix, who collected extensive material during his expedition to Brazil in 1817 -1820.

In the 19th century, Johannes Roth (who also curated the molluscan section) added important material. At the beginning of the 20th century, the collections of v. Heimburg, Brückner, Gmelch, and Otting were incorporated into the ZSM.

After some decades of mere preservation, Dr. Rosina Fechter started to significantly increase the ZSM collection by incorporating the private collections of Blume, Friedrich, Modell, Hässlein, Mühlhäusser, and Roll. The generally excellent preserving condition of the ZSM shell collection is a special merit of our now retired colleague Nilla Schneider.

From January 1996 until May 1998, Dr. Stephen A. Ridgway headed the Molluscan Section. Then, Dr. Bernhard Ruthensteiner (now scientific leader of the Section Evertebrata Varia ) temporary took the responsibility for the Mollusca Section, until Dr. Michael Schrödl  started working in August 1999. Since April 2000, Enrico Schwabe helps managing the collection.


Fechter, R. 1992. Die Sektion Mollusca der Zoologischen Staatssammlung München. Spixiana Supplement 17: 45-48