Director: Research

Director: Research

Current research projects

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Haszprunar

See also: Evertebraria varia and Mollusca

1. General Topics

1.1. Comparative anatomy, ontogeny and phylogeny of Mollusca, with special reference to primitive groups (including fauna of the Deep-Sea and Hydrothermal Vents).

1.2. Comparative ultrastructure of chemo- and mechanoreceptive sensory organs in molluscs.

1.3. Comparative anatomy, ontogeny and ultrastructural research on invertebrates including cladistic analysis to clear up the major lines of metazoan phylogeny.

1.4. Benefits and limit of molecular taxonomy and of DNA-Barcoding combined with DNA-banks.

1.5. Theoretical foundations of phylogenetics, systematics and taxonomy; Benefits and limits of algorithmic cladistics and by apllying molecular data.

1.6. Relationships between theology and natural sciences, with special reference to evolutionary theory versus creationism and sociobiology.

2. Current research projects

see also “HasziLab“, the AG Haszprunar at the LMU.

National projects

(Project 21) Nephrogenesis in molluscs and sipunculans – did the molluscan kidney evolve independently?” (DFG RU 895/4-1, since 1 Juli 2008) in cooperation with Dr. B. Ruthensteiner (ZSM).

(Project 22) “”Barcoding-Atlas of the Fauna Bavarica”. (BayStMWFK, 2009 bis 2013), with support by the BayerischesLandesamt für Umweltschutz, Landesamt für Wald- und Fortwirtschaft, Münchener Entomologischen Gesellschaft, and the Bayerischer Landesverband of VBIO. For details see

(Project 23) “Establishment of an information network for biological research data” (DFG INST 747/1-1, since 1.1. 2009 with Dr. Dagmar Triebel, BSS) in collaboration with the Chair of Applied Informatics IV and of Department of Biology of the University of Bayreuth and the Chair of Botany at the University of Regensburg.

(Project 25) GBIF-D, Center of innovative data mobilizing. Part 2: Widening of GBIF-D-nodes Mycology and Evertebrata II, in cooperation with Dr. Dagmar Triebel, BSS.

(Projekt 26) GBOL, German Barcoding of Life.(Chair together with Prof. Wägele, ZFMK Bonn), financed by BMBF [1,4 Mio Euro; 2012-2015], since May 2012.

(Project 27) “Barcoding Fauna Bavarica II – from atlas to application” with staff of ZSM (BayStMBKWK, since 1st January 2014) [5x 150.00,- = 750.000 €] (for details see

International projects

(Int 4) BIV-ATOL (NSF-financed). (1) R. Bieler (Field Museum, Chicago, USA), (2) G. Giribet (Harvard Univ., USA), (3) J.D. Taylor and E. Glover (British Museum Natural History), et al.. Focus on the fine structure of the mantle margin, comparative ontogenesis and molecular morphology of the 18S rDNA-Gene (since Sept. 2007).

3. Current Mega Project

Substantial expansion of the Museum Mensch und Natur to the Natural History Museum of Bavaria (NaMu-Bayern) (financed by the Bavarian State Government and the Supporting Circle of NaMu-Bayern) [currently calculated costs of 84 Mio. Euro]