Dipl.-Biol. Olga Schmidt

Dipl.-Biol. Olga Schmidt

Section Hymenoptera

  • Tel: +49 (0)89 8107-160
  • E-Mail: Olga.Schmidt@zsm.mwn.de
  • Research:: Taxonomie, Phylogenie und Biologie der Unterfamilie Larentiinae (Geometridae), insbesondere der indo-australischen Region


Pre-Diploma: Methods of preparation of genitalia slides in Lepidoptera (Insecta).

Diploma: The comparative morphology of the skeletomuscular system of male genitalia in the subfamily Larentiinae (Lepidoptera: Geometridae).


Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS): A taxonomic revision of the genus Chaetolopha Warren (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Larentiinae).

Project involvment

  • ChalcIS-D: Chalcidoidea Informations-System für Deutschland
  • GBIF-D: Primary types of Ichneumoninae described by GERD H. HEINRICH deposited in the Zoologische Staatssammlung München (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae)
  • IGN-TTRC: Indonesian-German Network for Teaching, Training, and Research Collaborations. Implementation of IGN-TTRC Biodiversity, Modul 2: DNA Barcoding, as Instructure ToT and Student Course (Andalas University, West Sumatera, Indonesia).
  • BFB: Barcoding Fauna Bavarica
  • GBOL: German Barcode of Life
  • IndoBioSys: Indonesian Biodiversity Information System
  • Drawer digitisation project
  • Taxonomy of the hyperdiverse Chalcidoidea: an integrative approach to resolve the taxonomy of Swedish Tetrastichinae (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae)


New Zealand Journal of Zoology, Nota Lepidopterologica, Spixiana, ZooKeys, Zootaxa.


  • Indonesian-German Network for Teaching, Training and Research Collaborations, Module II: DNA Barcoding (Andalas University, Padang, Indonesia and Brawijaya University, Malang, Indonesia). – June-July 2012
  • Capacity building. DNA Barcoding (State University of Papua (UNIPA), Manokwari, Indonesia). – October-November 2013.
  • Course: Methods of insect collection and preparation, part of the project “Blazing new trails for old questions: an integrative approach for assessing large scale biodiversity patterns in parasitic wasps” (Andalas University, Padang, Indonesia). – May 2016


  • Price of the Munich Entomological Society (10.03.2007)
  • Competition 2006 (JENOPTIK Laser, Optik, Systeme GmbH): 2. place for photomicrographs of the abdominal structures of Visiana sp. (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Larentiinae) taken with a digital camera and processed with the AutoMontage system