Entomological Contribution to the Biogeography of Taiwan

Entomological Contribution to the Biogeography of Taiwan

Sektion Hemiptera - Forschung

Cooperation of scientists from ZSM with colleagues from Taiwan

  • Project leader from Germany: Prof. Dr. Klaus Schönitzer, ZSM, Munich
  • Project leader from Taiwan: Prof. Jeng-Tze Yang, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung
  • NSC-DAAD Joint Reseach Collaboration
  • DAAD Projekt Nr. D/0039914, PPP-Taiwan
  • and other co-operations

Despite its relatively small size the island of Taiwan is of special interest for biogeographical investigations. The island stands between the faunal regions of the Orientalis and the Palaearctic. Although the island’s size is only about 36,000 km², it has 62 mountains with more than 3,000 m altitude (the highest mountain is almost 4,000 m high). Part of the fauna of Taiwan, is well-known and clearly resembles the fauna of Japan. The montane fauna, however, has not been fully investigated and there are quite many interesting species to discover. There are several examples of relations between the alpine fauna of Taiwan and central Asia.

Prof. Schönitzer in Taiwan

Within the cooperation quite some new species have been discovered and the cooperation was very fruitful for both sides. Taiwan scientists visited Germany and colleagues from ZSM visited Taiwan. Several lectures of Taiwanese colleagues in Germany and of German colleagues in Taiwan where hold, joint expeditions were performed, scientific meetings were organized and exhibitions were made.

Diptera in Taiwan

Report on the research on Diptera in Taiwan. This file by Wolfgang Schacht is a report on the state of the research, it was planned to be published. But unfortunately it could not be finished due to the sudden death of Wolfgang Schacht in 2011.

Memorandum of Understanding – enhanced cooperation planned

During the opening ceremony for a joint exhibition on “Singing Insects” in Feb. 2012 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Haszprunar, direktor-general of SNSB (Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns) and Prof. Wei-Hsin Sun, direktor-general of NMNS (National Museum of Natural ScienceTaichung). The two parties are going to cooperate furtheron in scientific projects and plan further joint exhibitions.

Signing the MoU

Annotated list of publications

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H. Doppler, S. Weidinger & M. Unsöld (2010): Vom Büffel zum Tiger, Holzschnitte zum Chinesischen Neujahr. Texte und Erklärungen zu einer Ausstellung in der ZSM. 23 p.

Explanations and zoological comments on the Chinese signs of the zodiak, on behalf of an exhibition on Taiwanese woodcuts in ZSM. See here for more information, and see for pictures:

Vom Büffel zum Tiger: Holzschnitte zum Chinesischen Neujahr

Liu, L.Y. (2010): Microstructural Characters of Lyctinae and Dinoderinae (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae). Psyche 2010, doi:10.1155/2010/607568. Entomological cooperation on the morphology of Bostrichidae, using SEM facilities in Munich and Taichung. Link to PDF

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