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Forschungsprojekte der Sektion Mollusca

"Gibt's da immer noch was zu erforschen?" (Oma des Kurators)

Extern finanzierte Forschungsprojekte:

  • Diversity and evolution of Antarctic gastropods (DFG)
  • Phylogeny and evolution of Acochlidia (DFG, VW)
  • Deep molluscan phylogeny (DFG)
  • Corambid and suctorian sea slug evolution (DFG)
  • Heterobranch gastropod microanatomy and molecular systematics (DFG)
  • Integrative sea slug taxonomy (DAAD - CNPq)
  • Brazilian polyclad diversity (DAAD - CNPq)
  • 3D microanatomy and systematics of selected gastropods (statal stipend)
  • Evolution of parasitic copepods (statal stipend)
  • Diversity and integrative taxonomy of Bavarian gastropods (BFB, GBOL, stipend applied for)
  • plus many collaborative research paper projects in progress (various funding sources)