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Research projects of the Lepidoptera Section

Research projects with external funds or in cooperation with other institutions

Research projects of Axel Hausmann

A. Systematics, Integrative Taxonomy

  • Monography of the Geometridae of Europe (see drittmittelfinanziertes Projekt "Geometrid Moths of Europe", BIOLOG/EDIS/INGE)
  • Integrative phylogeny and integrative taxonomy of Geometridae (cooperation AToL; iBOL)
  • Taxonomy of Geometridae: Revision of some Sterrhinae genera und species groups worldwide (Idaea, Rhodostrophia, Glossotrophia, Scopula, etc.)

B. Development of Information Systems, Molecular Identification, Biodiversity Ressources

C. Zoogeography, Faunistics

  • Gondwanaland distributions, Geometridae on Nothofagus (cf project "Hunting Gondwanaland-relicts: The Geometridae (Insecta: Lepidoptera) of the Nothofagus-forests in Chile and Tasmania")
  • Studies on the fauna (Geometridae) and on zoogeographical distribution patterns in the Mediterranean, focused on Israel, Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Cyprus, Crete, southern Italy and Sicily.
  • Faunistical, ecological and statistical analysis of long-term-results from Bavarian light traps, continuation of the long-term-monitoring projects in the north of Munich focussed on the dynamics of moth species spectra
  • Animals of the Bible. Interdisciplinary and interreligious cooperation with the Hebrew University Jerusalem (Dr. G. Müller), Prof. Dr. R. Lapide ( Frankfurt) and the Diocesy of Munich

Research projects of Andreas Segerer

A. Systematics, Integrative Taxonomy

  • Monography of Phycitinae and Pyralinae of Europe (Pyraloidea: Pyralidae), including molecular characterisation (Cooperation project in the context of the book series "Microlepidoptera of Europe", jointly with Matthias Nuss, Dresden).

B. Development of Information Systems, Molecular Identification, Biodiversity Ressources

  • DNA barcoding Lepidoptera (iBOL WG 1.9) (cooperation with Axel Hausmann, Munich, and Paul Hebert, Canada)
  • Barcoding Fauna Bavarica (BFB, cooperation with Paul Hebert, Canada; multiple collaborations with other European and global barcoding campaigns, e.g., Lepidoptera of the Alps - P. Huemer, Innsbruck; Lepidoptera of Finland – M. Mutanen, Oulu; Gracillariidae of Europe - Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde, Orleans; Nepticulidae of Europe – E. v. Nieukerken, Leiden; Pyraloidea global – M. Nuss, Dresden). Management and coordination of the Microlepidoptera of Bavaria (~2000 species). Central databasing of the BFB project. Interfaces for efficient data exchange with BOLD.
  • Barcoding Fauna Germanica (GBOL, cooperation with Paul Hebert, Canada))
  • Barcoding of Pyraloidea (cooperation with Paul Hebert, Canada, and Matthias Nuss, Dresden)
  • Internet-based Global Information System Zünslerfalter (GBIF / GloBIZ): Digital systematic and synonymic world catalog of Pyraloidea.

C. Zoogeography, Faunistics

  • Pyraloidea of Crete – Revision of the snout moths of Crete (granted by the Crocallis Foundation)
  • Exploration of the fauna and zoogeographic relationships in the Mediterranean (Pyraloidea)
  • Microlepidoptera of Bavaria ( faunistics; population dynamics, in particular of Zygaenidae and leaf miners; Microlepidoptera as bioindicators - cooperation with the Schuztgemeinschaft Ammersee Süd e.V.)
  • Pyraloidea and Nolidae of Perú (Cooperation with the project "Research Station Panguana" and Gerardo Lamas, Lima)
  • Long-term faunistical investigations in the area of Ratisbon (focus: population dynamics and niches of Microlepidoptera; Bestandsdynamik und Einnischung von Mikrolepidoptera; Lepidoptera in the nature reserve "Am Keilstein" (300.08) including scientific evaluation of the records of ~250 years of comprehensive faunistic data collection).

Research projects of Wolfgang Speidel

  • Publication project "Noctuidae Europaeae"
  • Systematics and Taxonomy of Bombyces, Noctuidae and Pyralidae
  • DNA Barcoding type specimens and biodiversity from Bombyces of the Thomas Witt Museum
  • Web präsentation South-America (Lepidoptera Neotropica) of the Museum Witt in Cooperation with Thomas Witt, Munich, Thomas Greifenstein, Pfaffenhofen and Vladimir Nazarov, St. Petersburg.

Research projects of Ulf Buchsbaum

  • Studies on the lepidopterous fauna of Sumatra, focussed on moths, mainly Drepanidae and some further selected taxa Rearrangement of the drepanid collection with accompanying studies
  • Neuaufstellung und Bearbeitung der Familie Drepanidae
  • Preparation of a complete check-list for Drepanidae (see Drepanidae Homepage)
  • Distribution of Leptidea sinapis and L. reali in southern Bavaria, Thuringia and Istria
  • Study of the material collected in expeditions to Irian Jaya, Sumatra, Borneo and other different regions from Southeast Asia focussed on Drepanidae, genera Vitessa Moore, [1860] (Pyralidae) and Cerace Walker, 1863 (Tortricidae)
  • Participation in the working group Insect fauna of Thuringia with responsibility for several families, e.g. Zygaenidae
  • Study of the material collected in expeditions to Taiwan focussed on Drepanidae