"This site was created out of love for the small shells of Australia.... because so few people are interested in these beautiful little shells, because there is there is no popular literature to identify them, and because very few people know anything about them."

Sea slug forum
AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM - "This is a site where you can ask questions and post information on nudibranchs and related sea slugs such as bubble-shells, sea hares and side-gilled slugs."


The Cephalopod Page von James B. Wood
"I strive to provide an accurate, interesting and educational content oriented page devoted to the most active, intelligent and interesting invertebrates known - the Cephalopods. The Cephalopod Page is aimed at the general public; from kindergarten to Ph.D. and all levels in between."

The Cephalopod Page FAQ

Cephalopods at the National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Tree of life - Cephalopoda
School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST)
"SOEST is a multi-disciplinary school within the University of Hawaii, consisting of a variety of institutes, departments, and other units conducting research and teaching about Earth and the other planets."

CLEMAM: Check List of European Marine Mollusca
"This database provides a list of taxonomic references concerning any molluscan taxon living in marine waters of Europe."

The Conchologist's Information Network
"We've included material to educate you, entertain you, or just help you with your homework. And, whatever your shell needs, there's plenty of information about our organization as well. The Conchologists of America, better known as COA, is a society for shell enthusiasts from all walks of life, at all levels of interest."

"As a member of the North Alabama Shell Club, the Conchologists of America and the American Malacological Society, I have included information on this page which may be of interest to shell enthusiasts, and/or educators ( on Alabama Mollusks)."

Illinois Natural History Survey, Center For Biodiversity, Mollusks
"The objective of this page is to illustrate (with photographs) all of the "genera" of freshwater mussels (Unionoida) in the world. The genera included are largely those recognized by Haas (1969) with the exception of the North American fauna, which follow Turgeon, et al. (1998). Other deviations from Haas (1969) will be referenced to the new source of information."

Bilder ...




Research on snails and sea-slugs
Australian Museum Online
"The research effort of the section is mainly concentrated on the marine and freshwater snails and sea-slugs. Much of the work is taxonomic, with an emphasis on world-wide, or at least Indo-West Pacific, revisions of groups, but studies on aspects of the biology, ecology and evolution of particular species are also taking place."

"Nudibranchs, opisthobranchs, seaslugs. Literature search engine, newsletter, E-mail listserver, bibliography, taxonomic files and links to over 4,300 color opisthobranch photos from around the world. Reference source for information about marine slugs, seaslugs, anaspideans, lamellarians, heteropods, gymnosomatans, opisthobranchs, pyramidellids, nudibranchs, micro-shells & related mollusks. Links to other related seaslug sites and files to answer your questions about these remarkable animals."

The Molluscs Net

A multi-authored, distributed Internet project containing information about phylogeny and biodiversity
"The Tree of Life is a project containing information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their history, and characteristics. The information is linked together in the form of the evolutionary tree that connects all organisms to each other."

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