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Link to DFGThe DNA Bank at the ZSM provides a new facility for the long term storage of well documented DNA samples. The Project was established in spring 2007, and is funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG).

Scientists now have the opportunity to:

  • obtain DNA material to extend and complement previous studies
  • obtain DNA material for new taxonomic, systematic, conservation genetic and evolutionary studies
  • support good scientific practice as the deposition of DNA samples warrants a general verifiability of the already obtained and published results

closeup of 2D-barcode tubes

DNA samples are stored in individually labelled 2D-barcode tubes (96-well format) at -80°C to guarantee optimal DNA storage conditions and a secure sample identification management.

DNA delivery

DNA samples are accepted free of charge to be incorporated into the DNA Bank under the warranty of a full documentation of each sample. This includes the provenance of the original material, the place of voucher deposit, DNA quality and extraction information, digital images of vouchers and links to published molecular data if available.

It is possible to block donated DNA for a period of two years, i.e. data will be recorded but both DNA and the data are not accessible to other scientists before the restriction period has expired.
The donors of the DNA will be acknowledged in the database but transfer all property rights to the DNA Bank for incorporating the samples.

Up to three DNA aliquots of the material incorporated into the DNA Bank will be returned to the sender free of charge.

DNA order

It is already possible to order DNA samples. On-demand extraction of DNA and the delivery of an aliquot will be carried out if source material in suitable condition is available at the ZSM, or if it is made available to us with full documentation.

The delivered DNA is at reasonable concentration and usually of high or medium quality depending on the source material. It is well suited for PCR-based amplifications. In general, aliquots of 25 µl are sent. Larger amounts may be available on request - please enquire.

For preparation of fresh DNA samples 20-25€ need to be charged to cover consumables used for extraction and/or liquid handling. This includes shipping costs of samples (standard postal services).


For further information, or to deliver or order DNA please contact the DNA-Bank Team.